Rainmaker Education aligns with authors who are passionate about building quality content to enhance student learning. Our goal is to ensure that content is vetted and presently in use at educational institutions. Most of our authors utilize their own material within their classrooms, ensuring the material has been tested and validated by unique student populations.

Sales/Marketing: Rainmaker Education expands the reach of exceptional content. Our sales and marketing team has a long history of working within the educational community. We provide authors the opportunity to expand the vision of their content. We can serve a unique student base or serve the needs of a larger market in a flexible and progressive format.

Customization: Rainmaker Education provides authors with options to customize content according to their needs. We offer varied forms of intellectual property, in adaptable formats. Our platform provides customization to align with your specific course outcomes. You can modify the material to best serve your student population. Cost effectively.

Additional Services:

  • Course/Curriculum Development
  • E-learning Object Development
  • Intellectual Property Analysis
  • Developmental/Copy Editing
  • Composition/Design/Digital Customization
  • Web Design
  • Value Add Reseller/Channel Partner
  • Marketing/Sales Consulting
  • Content Assessment
  • Procurement Assessment